Willowfield School Rebuild - URGENT- your help needed

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stower Mon 10-Jun-13 16:41:41

As anyone in Walthamstow with kids knows, there is an urgent need for more school places in primary schools, which filters through to secondaries from next September, when the bulge years start to arrive. Willowfield School has the money, and site, to rebuild and expand, but there is some local opposition to the plans. Please consider emailing the LBWF planners, or writing, or filling in their own online form to support this planning application. Willowfield is a fantastic community school, with a Headteacher committed publicly to making the fab new facilities available to members of the public outside school times. The last thing anyone wants is yet more flats built, and we need to secure this plan for the future of all our young people in Stow. You must quote the reference "2013/0656 Willowfield School" and include your name and address. Consultation closes on 18th June so time is of the essence. Please forward this to any of your contacts who may be interested. Please post if you need more info. Cheers.

millimax Mon 01-Jul-13 21:36:03

Well said. We live right by the current site and ds will go there next year. Is there a possibility the new school isn't going head? I thought it was a done deal - aren't the locals just upset about the staff car park entrance plan?

stower Wed 03-Jul-13 22:17:23

I understand that concerns were raised that included both the car park entrance, and the floodlit multi-sports area at the rear of properties, but there was also mention of various other complaints to "bulk up" the objections. The date has now closed for consultation, but I understand that there has been a significant response from the local community in support of the new school as a result of a number of emails and other discussions. I really hope that common sense prevails and the school is built - I can't imagine the planners will not go ahead on the basis of the objections raised. FYI, the existing site is likely to be maintained as part of Willowfield, so you are also unlikely to end up with some more "quality" flats on your doorstep! Thanks for your interest/support. I have three kids off to Willowfield myself within the next two to three years and I reckon it's a really great place with a fab head and committed staff, who deserve our support.

millimax Mon 08-Jul-13 23:08:24

Thanks for the update. Let me know if you hear any more and I'll do the same.

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