Woodside academy?

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floppops Sat 16-Mar-13 17:17:19

Has anyone got any current experience of Woodside school, Wood street, E17?
We have a 3yr old daughter and will be thinking of schools this summer. We literally live one street away so I'm thinking we will have a guaranteed place there? The other schools in the area that seem good are out of our catchment area. We aren't considering faith schools.
I'm aware the school was put into special measures last year but was wondering could that make the school actually better come 2014 when she would be starting?
I'm a bit worried as it seems such a large school and the playground always looks chaotic when I pass by..
I'm worried that she would be overwhelmed by such a large school and am also concerned at the level of teaching.
Hoping someone has/had good experiences there?

cheesegirl Thu 04-Apr-13 12:31:33

I don't have a child at Woodside, but I've been a primary teacher in the borough for 15 years.
I have heard from 2 current parents that they are very pleased with the school.
I too, feel that it is too large (currently the 2nd largest primary school in the country) but as long as the teaching and facilities are good then really size shouldn't matter.
I think that all school playgrounds are hectic, I wouldn't worry about that too much. Reception children are usually given separate areas and time slots to play in, to keep them safe.
Just because a school was in special measures last year, does not mean it isn't good. Go and visit and see what you think. Try and find some other parents and ask them what they think.
Good luck.

Thesockthief Sat 20-Apr-13 21:14:32

The nursery at Woodside is really nice. We put the school down as our second choice school this year because I'd heard good things about it from people locally despite it being in special measures and I want my child to be at a local school. As a teacher myself I know how quickly schools change.
I would say, if you do go and look around, ask for someone senior to show you around, because when I went I shown shown around by a very nice woman from the office who had only recently started there having previously been a lunchtime assistant and was therefore not able to answer a lot of my questions. Fortunately shortly after that I went to one of their Christmas concerts and was able to get a much better feel for the place.

Thesockthief Wed 12-Jun-13 22:41:05

Just to follow up on this, I understand that there is a new interim head teacher, who is also the head of Hilly fields. It'll be interesting to see what impact this has.

scramble69 Fri 18-Oct-13 15:21:01

My son is in Year 2 and this year EVERYTHING changed for the better. Shane Tewes the new headmaster formerly at outstanding school Hillyfields has taken over and I can't speak highly enough of him or the new school environment and atmosphere.
I'm amazed that middle-class kids are not flocking to this school. A whole raft of new focussed and commited teachers are making this a dynamic friendly and respectful school.
I really would wholeheartedly endorse this school!

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