Anyone live on / near Hatherly Road? School catchment question.

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twistedsista Mon 18-Feb-13 22:45:08


We've looked at a house at the Hoe St end of Hatherly road and quite like it. But, looking at the info I have it's too far to be in the Greenleaf Catchment, or Stoneydown / Mission Grove. So, is this area a no-mans-land as far as schools go?

(and I'm happy to be open minded about the schools in the area, just don't want the DC's to end up at a school outside of e17!)

PsiMonkE17 Wed 20-Feb-13 11:25:36

Not a no-mans land at all. Worry not.

1. It's fairly likely you'd get in to Greenleaf from there - there are parents who got in from across Hoe St (Tower Hamlets, Browns, Milton Rds for instances) in last two years.

2. You'd certainly get in to The Winns down near Lloyd Park which is where my PFB goes (and 2nd will go in September). You'd also get in to St Marys at the top of The Drive on current going, if you don't mind a church school. But be warned, St Marys due to move to over towards Wood Street in September. And you'd get in to Edinburgh most likely.

3. While Greenleaf is "outstanding", all the rest are rated "good" Ofsted I think, but more importantly, all are good schools. Personally, we didn't actually like Greenleaf v much - a bit academically pushy/ SATSey for our tastes. The Winns suited us better - more holistic attitude to having happy kids etc. But hey, just IMHO.

4. Finally, you're well placed to be in the best area for kids currently in Walthamstow. The village is too pricey, but Lloyd Park area increasingly cool and kid-friendly.

PsiMonkE17 Wed 20-Feb-13 11:26:41

BTW, I live just round corner from Hatherley Rd and know one family on top end of Hatherley that are lovely, with older kids.

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