Henry Maynard catchment area

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Amarach Sun 07-Oct-12 14:10:40

Hello Walthamstow parents...
Sorry to bring up this thorny issue, but I have a specific question and I'm sure someone will be able to at least make an educated guess at the answer.
We're thinking of moving to a house that would have been comfortably within the cut-off distance for Henry Maynard school in 2012, but only just on the edge of it in 2011. Does anyone know why the distance grew rather than shrank in 2012? Could it have been that St Mary's moved to a site nearby and drew some potential applicants there? If so I imagine the same will happen in 2013, which would be great for us. I've visited Henry Maynard and really liked it, and so would love our DS to go there.
Any speculation or advice welcome!

Stowit Thu 24-Jan-13 15:35:27

Hi Amarach - I think that's really likely. Maybe call the admissions dept of WF and see if they're anticipate that happening, or whether they're expecting a 'bulge' which will counteract the effect of the St Mary's move?

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