Social Work student in Leytonstone looking to do Child observation

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charstarlsl Tue 18-Sep-12 17:29:49


My name is Charlene and I am an MA Social Work student who lives in Leytonstone. As part of my course, I am required to observe a young child (aged 0-4 years) in his or her nursery/home setting. The aim of this is to help me to develop my observational skills and to increase my knowledge of child development. (not to assess you or your parenting in any way-I can't reiterate that enough!) It would involve me visiting a child for one hour per week for 8-10 weeks, to watch them doing what they usually do.

I appreciate this is a long period and can be flexible around your life and change the time each week if needed. I can come during evenings/weekends, and could do 2 per week if this is easier.

I have a signed letter from Goldsmiths University stating everything you would need to know. I also have an Enhanced CRB check. In return I would be willing to offer some free babysitting for you once the observations are completed-I used to work as an Au Pair for 3 children under 7.

If you can pass this on to other friends with children I would appreciate it. My email address is if you are interested and would like to get in touch.


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