Swimming pools in Waltham Forest

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smoppet Tue 11-Sep-12 10:40:10

Ooh, lucky you! My favourite WF pool is Larkswood Leisure Centre in Chingford - lovely and new / clean. Otherwise in/near Walthamstow it's Leyton Leisure Lagoon (fun with nippers, but a bit scummy really) or Walthamstow Pool & Track (nice size, bit grubby/tired). Both the latter two have seen better days, I reckon, but fine if you don't think too hard about hygiene/concentrate on chlorine! There's another pool in Leytonstone which I think is meant to be rather nice. Enjoy!

libbyrapple Mon 10-Sep-12 14:20:56

Hi there,

I finally started my maternity leave (hurrah!) and would like to partake in some swimming, does anyone have any recommendations on pools in the area?


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