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BemusedIsuream Mon 15-Oct-12 14:00:02

Ah ha ha! I love that there is already an inverted snobbery about NOT living in the Village - surely a better sign than any that the whole area is on the up!

DianaVreeland Sun 14-Oct-12 22:13:57

Hi Fitz why don't you drive over for the weekend and take a look?
psimonk I live in the Village and I have friends from all over Stow and also my children go to St Mary's! The Village is in the catchment for St Mary's and Henry Maynard, both are fantastic schools and no-one I know has any complaints about either school. Howard Road, Church Hill Road and Church Hill area also very nice.
Fitz Walthamstow and 'The Village' area has many people moving here from all over North and East London, there's a real community in Walthamstow in general and the transport is fantastic - I can get to Edgeware Road in 40 mins door to door, Oxford Circus in 30. Also we have Epping Forest on our doorstep - I cycle with the children to Hollow Ponds / Wanstead Flats in 10 mins. To cap it all you can get to Westfield Shopping Centre at Stratford within 20 mins - who could ask for more????

psimonk Thu 11-Oct-12 10:54:45

You could get a four-five bed house near me! Village is overpriced IMHO and full of people who want to live in Stoke Newington but can't afford it (and don't really engage with rest of Walthamstow). And I'm not with Mayhew on Church Hill being good for schools -it's actually a bit of a deadzone currently with catchment areas not quite reaching it - so kids forced to go to St Marys or miles away. Lloyd Park area excellent for families. As are the poet roads (Milton, Byron, Howard, Tower Hamlets etc.) - but we know families all over the area - from the top end of the market (High St) to the bottom end (Coppermill Lane), to around Stoneydown Park, to the Higham Hill area and upper Walthamstow/Wood Street.

mayhew Mon 03-Sep-12 12:14:06

With that budget, all 3 bed houses are accessible. 4 beds in some parts. The village is the most popular (and most expensive) area for young families, followed by nearby Church Hill for good schools.

fitz1503 Tue 28-Aug-12 17:26:50

Hi, my DP and I are thinking of moving to Walthamstow as houses seem much more affordable than North London. Can you recommend any safe/family friendly areas/roads? My budget is 400-450k and I am looking for a 3 bed family house. Thanks.

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