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Stargirl35 Wed 04-Apr-12 20:56:20


I am looking for advice on Henry Maynard Nursery. DS is currently on a waitlist to start nursery in Sept 2012. On the HM website it states that they take children in the AM or PM for 4 days a week (2.5 hours a day) and one full day (9am-3pm).

Other parents I have spoken to whose children are beginning nursery seem to have 5 days a week, and full time (approx 8am-5.30pm), some time is paid. A bit confused and wondered if anyone knows what Henry Maynard offer as the info published on website is limited, also what are fee's involved?

Any help or advice is much appreciated as we are keen for our son to have full days there i.e. approx 8.30am-5pm.


StowlenAway Tue 10-Apr-12 20:43:27

As far as I understand it there is a difference between nursery schools (such as Henry Maynard and other school nurseries) and day nurseries - it's confusing that both types are called nurseries really. Day nurseries are usually open something like 8am-6pm and are designed for childcare for working parents. They usually take children from 3 months old (or sometimes from 2 years old). They may also offer pre-school sessional care (ie 9am-12pm or whatever) for 3 and 4 year olds. Nursery schools only take 3 and 4 year olds and are short days as a preparation for school. I don't think they cost anything.

So if you need your DS to be cared for all day you may need to look for a day nursery rather than Henry Maynard.

Does that make sense?

Stargirl35 Wed 11-Apr-12 10:33:24

That absolutely makes sense, really appreciate the response as it's been tricky to decipher what's what when it comes down to nurseries. Many thanks smile

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