Help! Childminder pregnant, need a new one or a nanny share in Walthamstow Village asap!

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Saffyelle Wed 28-Mar-12 12:04:26

So our childminder appears to have taken on our little boy despite being in early stages of pregnancy (I've been back at work 3 weeks, she's just informed us she's 3 months gone and only wants to work til August)
I'd really like to find a new childminder as soon as possible, or maybe set up a nanny share as soon as possible because he already loves her (she is fab, which makes it so much worse!) and I don't want him to get any more attached than he has to.
Is any one local looking for a childminder, have you considered a nanny share? We are well up for it, and it wouldn't be any more expensive than a childminder if we split one as it were....HELP!!!
S xx

ginortea Thu 29-Mar-12 19:11:26

Snap! Our boy's with a girl he totally adores and she's off in September. Definitely looking for a nanny share, but only three days a week and not till then. Sound possible?

Not very pro at Mumsnet, is there a way I can direct message you? x

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