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TotoPhiri Fri 14-Oct-11 15:47:58

Hi there, I've been in Walthamstow 10 years and am pregnant with my first child. A lot of London friends seem to be opting for UCH or hospitals outside their area and I'm just interested in finding out what people think of the maternity facilities at Whipps Cross and whether anyone advises trying to request Homerton instead? Any experiences positive or negative would be good to hear,

monkeymummo Tue 18-Oct-11 22:22:33

Congrats on your pregnancy. I had my son a year ago at Whipps so my experience is based on then although I do believe things have changed for the worse due to staffing levels.

I was actually booked to have a homebirth but ended up having a hospital birth and spent time on the antenatal, labour and postnatal wards. I had very good care during my labour as I had a brilliant midwife in constant attendance due to having my labour augmented. I gave birth early morning and then the problems began. The postnatal care imo is what let's Whipps down. I had to stay on labour ward for most of the day because there was no bed for me on the postnatal ward. I fully understand that the midwives are busy with women in labour but I ended up waiting for four hours after having my son to have something to eat. I needed to have an ECG and the midwives had to trace over the printout as the ink was running out and didn't have a replacement. We would ask for something and still be waiting 2 hours later. When I was transferred to the postnatal ward, after asking to be discharged home, the communication between wards was non-existent and a member of staff lied to us which meant that I ended up having to discharge myself against medical advice.

I have spoken to other women who had similar experiences with the postnatal care at Whipps. I've also spoken to mums who've used the Homerton and had much more positive experiences. I'm not sure if what I was told is true but I was told that the maternity service at the Homerton is not short staffed. Of course, it's so difficult to judge where to go as people have such different experiences.

StowlenAway Sat 22-Oct-11 21:44:23

I had my baby at Whipps 15 months ago and I can't fault the experience - the postnatal ward I was in was very quiet when I was there and I had lots of support. I have heard mixed reports - but bear in mind people are always more keen to talk about bad experiences than good ones.

Angiebubble Thu 03-Nov-11 16:29:41

Hi I had my baby at Whipps in May this year, and I can't fault them. Through no fault of the hospital I had to have a crash c section and they way everything was handled was great, including making sure my husband was looked after as I was rushed to surgery. The hospital building is a little tired, but it seems to have what it needs, but in my opinion the staff are fab.

Fryn Wed 09-Nov-11 10:25:43

All my NCT group, bar me, gave birth at Whipps - they mostly (not all) had good experiences during the labour/birth, but the aftercare was pretty awful. Most recently my friend had her second there, and had to stay in 2 nights purely because nobody came round to do the checks so she could be discharged, even though there were absolutley no problems at all with her her or her son.

I had my first at Homerton and had exactly the same scenario there with a great midwife, but dreadful aftercare - although it does seem that Whipps has fewer people per post-natal ward than they had at Homerton, so that can only be a good thing!

ladymaryam Mon 14-Nov-11 13:29:28

i have my daughter 3 years ago at Whipps, i didnt have any problems during my stay, staff did what they could, considering the workload. I do work for the NHS and is a fact that ALL maternity units are under-staff, including Homerton. Everyone will tell you different things as we can only judge by our experiences, follow you heart on this.

dugsinthestow Thu 22-Dec-11 07:49:24

Sorry if this is a bit late!!

DD was born at Whipps 10 weeks ago. I had a high risk pregnancy so was in the high risk labour ward and was never left for more than 15 minute and I had the same midwife from 6.30am till about 6pm (DD was born at 3.20pm). The care during my labour was amazing and I cannot fault them.....


The state of their ante and post natal care is appalling! I didn't have a midwife allocated to me till I was 30 weeks pregnant and the midwife that I then received was rubbish. After having DD and being placed in the maternity ward, I asked for help to breast feed and got told no and like someone else has already mentioned, I nearly had to stay in a second night because they forgot about me so we nearly didn't have our checks! A real let down! But because the labour was excellent, I would go there again as I figure thats the most important bit! Good luck!

TheCokeMachine Mon 26-Dec-11 23:44:24

Ante natal was blimmin' awful, I was induced and was having strong contractions lasting over a minute that were less than two minutes apart and I wasn't given anything more than paracetemol because apparently I wasn't even in labour. That changed when my waters broke (all over rude agency MW who was supposed to be provding my care).


The labour ward was lovely, the MW's were fantastic - I was never left alone without a MW and I couldn't fault them. They were so kind and supportive. I ended up with an EMCS and the theatre staff were great too. I can't rate them highly enough.

I got a private room after I'd spent a few hours in the HD unit, and then a lovely MW helped me to to get BF established, she checked me every 30 minutes over the first night. She was amazing.

The building is run down, but the permenant staff more than make up for it, they were a great team and I'd go there again without heistation.

glitterbird Mon 23-Jan-12 19:39:37


info may be too late if you have already had baby but if not I had a very good experience of Whipps X as I was able to use the birthing suite which was well equipt and quiet and had a water birth over Easter last year. Staff were excellent only downside was I had to wait for ages to leave post natel but it was over Easter so not many consultants about and food was pretty awful but don't think thats unique to Whipps.

I did not have a great experience of antenatal care when waiting over 2.5 hours to see a consultant I had to leave before seeing anyone as needed to collect my toddler from nursery and apparently that was normal length of time to wait so if you can don't need to go for any antenatal care you should be fine

Good Luck

nonikin Sun 05-Feb-12 19:53:23

hi i had my first baby at whipps cross in September, i thought the ante natal care was a bit hit and miss and i was given different advice about blood pressure by different doctors on separate visits. I was induced and the midwife I had was brilliant, I have to say it wasn't a pleasant experience at all but I had the same 2 midwifes ( day and night shifts) throughout and they couldn't have been nicer or kinder, However we had a big scare when babys heart rate dropped due to being on a drip to hurry labour and we still had to wait nearly 4 hours for c section which were the longest hours of my life listening to the heart monitor. The theatre staff were great and the lovely midwife took great care of my baby. But the ' care' in post natal ward was awful, I was on various drips with bags attached and antibiotics etc and was constantly jabbed and bloods taken for no apparent reason but couldnt get anyone to help me with breastfeeding or even to hand me my baby the first night. I couldnt wait to leave and like some of the other posts had to wait hours on a sunday to be discharged, it was only that i created a bit of a tearful scene that they managed to get my papers signed and leave about 7pm! I was high risk because of my age but didnt really think i got any kind of special treatment, and we were lucky that everything went so well. As i say the actual midwifes on the labour ward were brilliant.

Olives09 Sun 05-Feb-12 20:42:43

It's interesting and very useful to hear everyones comments. I'm due to produce my first at Whipps Cross this August and was interested to see what people thought. A few of my friends have given birth at Homerton and were very happy with how it all went, so my husband and I weren't sure about whether to opt to go there or not. Despite that, Whipps Cross has been good so far. Apart from a nurse who seemed more keen on putting as many holes in me as possible rather than taking blood, everyone else has been great. I'll keep you all updated as I go!

tanya2012 Fri 17-Feb-12 21:19:20

I had my first baby at Whipps Cross in November 2010. Sorry to disappoint ladies who are going there for the birth...but my experience was awful. Maybe partially it is explained by my labour starting on Sunday morning and the hospital was very under-staffed and overcrowded on that day. We couldn’t get a room for hours. Eventually we were given a recovery room not the delivery room for my labour. I can’t say anything nice about that room, quite run down. I also was dying for epidural, but it was only about 6/7 hours later that I finally got it (I started asking for it when I was about 5 cm dilated and the labour started slowing down from that point onwards). I think if not my midwife who was asking me to scream to get noticed for epidural I probably would get it much much later. So at the end when I started getting too exhausted I was screaming in between contractions as per my midwife advice - I couldn’t scream during the contractions because the pain was too overwhelming and I didn’t have strength to make any noise. Even though I was in labour I couldn’t not notice how frustrated my midwife was with the hospital, she was constantly shaking her head in disbelief! So ladies if you feel that you need an epidural start screaming early on, there is a chance you might get it just when you need it!

I had 3 midwifes with me over my labouring stage. Two of which were very nice, very supporting and I can’t really fault them in any way. But the last midwife who I got towards the end was unknowledgeable, unprofessional and simply awful. I was told by a doc that my baby was in an awkward position and they were waiting for her to turn around a bit. So when this midwife arrived I started questioning her about my baby’s position, she said that everything was fine. Some time later doctor arrived and said that the baby is still in the same awkward position... To cut the long story short I had forceps delivery and when I was wheeled into the theatre accompanied by that midwife someone made a comment to her “ is it you again”- I swear it was said with a bit of a sarcasm and it’s not my imagination. When the time came to push this midwife needed to tell the doctor when contractions started – she couldn’t even do that, so someone else had to put their hand on my tummy and tell them when it starts, my midwife was basically pushed aside. She didn’t talk to me during the delivery, didn’t make any comments just was standing there watching.

After my daughter was delivered no one even said congratulations… The whole experience was very clinical and unpleasant.

On the other hand post natal care was ok, I got a private room so this was comfortable. I agree that no one explains how to handle a baby, how to breast feed etc, you basically have to chase nurses around if you want any assistance. My experience in relation to nurses was also mixed, some are nice and hardworking and some are very unapproachable and can't be bothered.

mutti1 Sat 10-Mar-12 14:28:01

hi there,

you have probably already decided, but if not I can recommend Homerton from word of mouth. i know a few medics who are having their babies there too and I just had my first antenatal appointment, which a was v happy with. I live next to whipps but would not go there. Good luck!

sandyganz Mon 12-Mar-12 18:35:56

Congrats TotoPhiri on your regnancy. I just read through all the posts. Am sure you'd have picked a hospital by now.

I just found recently that I was pregnant and am about 7 weeks now. I was at Whipps cross for my fertility treatment for the past one year, which was slow but evidently effective. Though my county hospital would be Queens in Romford, I heard a few of my friends talk better about Whipps cross in general. Besides we've been reading too much about Queens in the news and that scared me a lot.

How is the Antenatal care in Whipps cross now? Any idea? At least as compared to Queens? Any suggestion would be helpful. Thanks in advance.

MJR09 Thu 24-May-12 21:34:04

Hi all. I had my baby at Whipps at the end of March and have nothing but good things to say. The antenatal clinic and care was a bit chaotic at first, but by the end, it was brilliant. I did see different doctors and midwives, but everyone knew me and were so friendly and supportive. The midwive who was with us throughout labour and birth was so lovely and afterwards I was really looked after too. In fact I joked that I wanted to take one of the midwifes on the postnatal team home with me! Like others, I did stay longer than I probably needed as I was there at a weekend and couldn;t be signed off. But I didn't mind really. I think they've had lots of changes recently, and even the midwive doing the matenity unit tour said they aren't the best, but they are nowhere near the worst. Queens, on the other hand, is somewhere I would avoid - just Google it and see what comes up!

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