NO primary school places - portacabin city!Help!!

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wotaracket Sat 25-Jun-11 22:14:45

Is it just me, or is it astonishing that all hell isn't breaking loose over this? Our kids fab school has just been forced to take on an extra 60 for September, on same site in hideous portacabins (sorry, LEA call them state of the art, but the look like something out of the gulag!). Situation has been atrocious for 5 years, getting worse incrementally and they now seem to be resorting to bullying all schools (who aren't academies) to accept ludicrous and dangerous amounts of pupils for the space available. Is anyone else experiencing this locally who is interested in getting some answers??? (sorry, not normally as fierce, but mad as hell and thinking of moving!).

doodlemama Thu 20-Oct-11 17:11:30

Looking at schools myself at the moment and I agree there seems to be a shortage of places in Waltham Forest with many schools taking on at least an extra reception class. It's supposed to be a blip this year which they say will settle down next year but that's not much comfort to parents applying for 2012 entry.

NicholaJones81 Wed 09-Nov-11 00:07:31

Hello there, I'm a reporter and I am doing some research on the issue of overcrowded schools and portacabin classrooms across the UK. It would be great to include the opinions of some parents who have been through the stress of oversubscribed school places themselves so if you would like to have a chat, please drop me a line at and I will be in touch.
Many thanks, Nichola

riceuten Mon 05-Mar-12 14:46:17

Bear in mind, Doodlemama, that you could aso be that parent in Waltham Forest looking for a place. The Council has a statutory duty to provide a school place for all children regardless of background - and needs to match that with popular schools.

mayhew Tue 06-Mar-12 08:35:45

2 factors impacting here. Massive increase in birthrate since 2000 (almost doubled) and now, housing benefit changes means 1000s of families with children are moving into the borough. The council certainly had sufficient time to plan for the former and the latter will clobber them.

AlexKhan Mon 30-Apr-12 10:37:21

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2sleep Thu 17-Jan-13 15:26:46

Does anyone have a child with SEN/disabilities and needs support from other parents?

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