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charlyl Mon 28-Oct-13 19:57:28

Good choice on not choosing the KIDS ALOUD DAY NURSERY in LEYTON as really it's the worse place to have your kid in! Staff is not friendly, majority does not speak english, or either don't like their job... Staff leaving in droves since July 2013, 3 left then...2 others in August... 3 others in September, leaving behind only one male carer that look after the kids! new staff brought new rules by reducing communication with parents, no feedback at all, unless you got time to read the same info written every day the same in books that you're responsible for (if lost, you'll pay for replacement!!!)... Fees are increased by 50%,(need to be paid upfront) not including the penalties of £60 an hour (cash in hand) for late pick ups after 6pm... Any opportunity to punish the parents, there you'll be squeezed ...

CharlyH Sun 08-Jul-12 11:49:49

Thanks for the message Roggio21 . Funnily enough, we did choose Sunshine Day Nursery and our daughter has been there for 10 months now (my original post was from back in Feb 2011).

We went on the trip on Friday too and had a wonderful time. Would recommend Sunshine.

roggio21 Thu 05-Jul-12 10:06:05

Hi my son also goes to Sunshine Day Nursery in Leytonstone, he started when he was 6months and is in the baby room and loves it. All the staff are lovely and it has a lovely family feel to it. It has recently been inspected by ofsted and got rated Outstanding. I looked around many nurseries within Leytonstone and knew straight away Sunshine was the best for my baby.
The nursery organises a yearly trip for all the children and their parents to go to paradise wildlife park with takes place tomorrow which I'm really looking forward to as it will be a really lovely way to meet all the other parents.
Thank Sunshine you made going back to work so much easier knowing that my son is very very HAPPY.

Fryn Fri 05-Aug-11 15:42:18

Another late entry, DD is at Just Learning at Whipps Cross Hospital and she loves it there. All her carers have been lovely, and the hours are great if you need early or late drop off/pick up (6.45am - 7pm.) Also handily opposite the entry to A&E - as DD is very clumsy, I rather appreciate that!

becknsteve Wed 03-Aug-11 17:41:24

I realise this is probably too late for the OP, but might be useful to someone else.

My son went to Kids Aloud in Leyton (right by the tube) until we moved away and he loved it there! I had some problems with the management at one point, but that's changed (due in no small part to our complaints) and there've been no problems since. I have some friends whose children still go there and they're still happy with it.

Blossom8 Fri 18-Feb-11 20:41:43

My little girl goes to Sunshine Day nursery in Leytonstone and loves it there. Rated highly by Ofsted too.

CharlyH Wed 02-Feb-11 15:31:21

Can anyone recommend a good nursery in Leyton / Leytonstone that they are happy with?

I need a nursery that will take babies from 1 year old.

Thanks for your help.

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