Anyone trying to buy in E17?

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goldenpeach Mon 09-Aug-10 20:18:49

Hello, we used to live in E17 in various streets (we moved a lot between renting and buying/selling). We have moved out of London but feel tempted to come back so we have been looking in E17 again. I noticed that the prices have shot up again but it seems you can offer less, unless one wants to live in the village, which is still competitive, as we found out when viewing a house there.

Any insights? I have been away for two years and only followed through rightmove (and before we started viewing a month or so back.

Are prices going down in autumn (reductions)? I remember it happened every year, even in boom times.

eddy26 Thu 26-Aug-10 16:24:57

we just bought a house in e17 (well the bank has bought most of it to be honest) and our estate agent was adamant that house prices would definitely fall in walthamstow soon, mainly due to budget cuts and the fact that wstow has a high % of public sector workers who will be affected. it did make me wonder whether to wait a while before buying but i was keen to get in before the baby comes in november.

good luck with whatever you decide to do. this was the easiest move i have ever done - no chain, no heavy lifting etc - but still found it a nightmare smile....

goldenpeach Sun 19-Sep-10 12:39:47

Thanks eddy, looks like the list is quiet...

Good luck and best wishes for your new arrival.

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