Summer holidays?

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knickers0nmyhead Mon 19-Jul-10 19:54:12


Phoenix Wed 14-Jul-10 09:01:49

This is 2 yr old btw

BuzzingNoise Wed 14-Jul-10 08:35:05

Leeds schools break up Friday 23rd, although some finish the day before.

rachel87 Tue 13-Jul-10 22:39:05

Wakefield area Friday 23rd but some are Tuesday 27th

hiccymapops Wed 16-Jul-08 07:56:40

Thanks Phoenix smile

Phoenix Tue 15-Jul-08 22:49:00



Phoenix Tue 15-Jul-08 22:34:18

Hey Hiccy

Think it's the end of this week. But some schools are on strike Weds and Thurs

hiccymapops Mon 14-Jul-08 10:18:29

Could anyone please tell me when the schools break up in Wakefield and Barnsley? I want to know when to start avoiding soft play grin

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