our new chat thrad for wakefield ,barnsley, hudersfield, girls come and chat

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trace2 Sun 04-May-08 10:50:52

is this ok?

Phoenix Mon 05-May-08 10:55:42

Are we gonna use this thread now then? If so i'll put a link on other one.

Phoenix Mon 05-May-08 10:57:01

Don't it have to be exact measurements then knickers?

Phoenix Mon 05-May-08 10:59:06

Just realised this doesn't show up in active convos hmm

KnickersOnMaHead Mon 05-May-08 11:03:56

Message withdrawn

Phoenix Mon 05-May-08 11:03:59

hmm have you all gone and abandoned me now

The sun is coming out . We might get ready and go out now. Was gonna stay in sulking but we don't have to now

Phoenix Mon 05-May-08 11:05:51

Yes knickers decide which of the 2 threads we're gonna use or shall we start a new one altogether?

trace2 Mon 05-May-08 11:06:03

where you going?

KnickersOnMaHead Mon 05-May-08 11:06:41

Message withdrawn

Phoenix Mon 05-May-08 11:06:59

Don't know yet Johns baking buns now hmm

itsahardknocklife Mon 05-May-08 11:08:58

well DH is now in shower and we shall head off in a while to Thornes Park for May Day stuff. Hopefully see some of you there! smile
(and yes, let's use just this thread and leave the other one)

KnickersOnMaHead Mon 05-May-08 11:10:21

Message withdrawn

Phoenix Mon 05-May-08 11:10:40

I've linked this to other thread so no more posting on the other one

Phoenix Mon 05-May-08 11:12:02

Cos he's likes making a bloody mess . He just decided he wants some buns and i won't make them so he said fine i'll do it myself hmm

itsahardknocklife Mon 05-May-08 11:12:31

are they currant buns? I like those.

KnickersOnMaHead Mon 05-May-08 11:13:51

Message withdrawn

Phoenix Mon 05-May-08 11:16:30

God knows what he's making. We have cherrys, currants and choc chips so they could be anything. He's just had to go to the shop for eggs cos we only had 1 left. They won't be as nice as my buns anyway

Phoenix Mon 05-May-08 11:22:06

I'm off to get dressed now then when he's finished making a mess baking we can go out

itsahardknocklife Mon 05-May-08 18:04:27

That gala was great fun! DS enjoyed a donkey ride smile I didn't realise the park was so big - it's the first time we've been there.
Went to LF as well afterwards. It was quiet when we were there but must have been rammed earlier.

trace2 Mon 05-May-08 18:50:16

we went isa but dh didnt like it so went to cannon hall, met jo was great! ti was very busy though

itsahardknocklife Mon 05-May-08 19:17:00

what didn't your DH like about it? It was busy.

Friendlypizzaeater Mon 05-May-08 20:17:35

Went to the Stock Cars - nearly had a heart attack at the price - £35 for the 3 of us shock then Josh didn;t like it - too noisey so spent all afternoon sat in the "cafe" (think working mans roadside cafe and you're there grin) as the noise was less in there .....

NorwichMummy Mon 05-May-08 22:14:54

Evening all, just a quick hello to say I'm back on the internet, finally! Hope you're all well.

I went to Cannon Hall too today Trace, really busy. Got there for opening and left about 12, ds really tired, and cars we're queuing all the way back to the main road, never seen it that busy.

Phoenix Mon 05-May-08 22:52:02

Yay Norwich You all settled in now? We went to Canon Hall about 1pm and were queueing all that way. I would have turned round if we weren't meeting Trace there.

itsahardknocklife Mon 05-May-08 23:05:16

I still havent been to Cannon Hall. We should all go one day when the weather is nice. So many people had told me good things about it. Am I right in thinking it's a farm, with animals and the suchlike?
How is the new place, Norwich? Hopefully the boxes are getting unpacked. Mind you, I am sitting next to 4 boxes, still packed from when we moved last July. In fact, one of them hasn't been unpacked since I moved in 2001! And I have moved 5 times since then! I have no idea what's in it really, but vaguely remember it as being important grin
Knickers and I are hopefully going to be at CM in Wakey tomorrow at 3.30 if anyone is about.

Phoenix Mon 05-May-08 23:10:31

Yeah Itsa it's a massive park, house and farm. The farm is £3.75 for adults under 3's free. The play area in the farm is fab. You should go there's loads of ickle baby lambs and goats at the mo, they're so cute . There's baby rabbits and guinea pigs too

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