our new chat thrad for wakefield ,barnsley, hudersfield, girls come and chat

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trace2 Sun 04-May-08 10:50:52

is this ok?

Phoenix Sun 04-May-08 14:15:38


We didn't buy anything at the car boot. I saw you buying a grobag Itsa and your dh just stood back watching you

Dh is watching bloody football now for a change angry

itsahardknocklife Sun 04-May-08 14:17:31

tee hee, did you notice it was a really small one, too? Ebay here we go...

trace2 Sun 04-May-08 14:25:14

i hate ebay, saying that just watching ds trains go now on ebaygrin

Phoenix Sun 04-May-08 14:26:48

No lol I didn't notice the size I noticed it cos ds had the same pattern one.

Not been funny JA but our threads have always been Wakefield/Barnsley/Huddersfield not West Yorkshire because Barnsley isn't West Yorkshire it's South.

itsahardknocklife Sun 04-May-08 14:30:49

Ooooh Trace, what did they go for? Lots, I hope.

KnickersOnMaHead Sun 04-May-08 14:40:33

Message withdrawn

trace2 Sun 04-May-08 14:44:39

not finished just yet isa

trace2 Sun 04-May-08 14:47:28

i may bring ds wi me if after school

KnickersOnMaHead Sun 04-May-08 14:48:12

Message withdrawn

itsahardknocklife Sun 04-May-08 14:48:59

yeah do Trace.

trace2 Sun 04-May-08 14:51:13

loli dont think youll want to meet himwink

itsahardknocklife Sun 04-May-08 14:52:19

oh dear! grin

KnickersOnMaHead Sun 04-May-08 15:43:20

Message withdrawn

itsahardknocklife Sun 04-May-08 20:31:45

(psst...I think it was all a trick to confuse us...)

itsahardknocklife Sun 04-May-08 20:42:18

Justabout, is it ok if I drop this bag of clothes off one day this week? It's only a small backpack of stuff - no idea what. The chap said he wasn't sure either as he'd got it from Freecycle but never used it. Apparantly it's boys' clothes 6-18 months, so there should be stuff in there that is of use for your DS2.

trace2 Mon 05-May-08 09:12:06

hello anyone about?

itsahardknocklife Mon 05-May-08 10:07:23

morning. DH was thinking of heading to Thornes Park for the May Day thingy later - has anyone ever been?

trace2 Mon 05-May-08 10:26:48

oh isa what time?

KnickersOnMaHead Mon 05-May-08 10:39:59

Message withdrawn

trace2 Mon 05-May-08 10:43:12

hi knickwes what on at thorns park?

trace2 Mon 05-May-08 10:43:37

oops knickers

itsahardknocklife Mon 05-May-08 10:49:42

it's a May Day gala thing - stuff for kids. It's on 10-4. We'll head over at about midday.

KnickersOnMaHead Mon 05-May-08 10:51:03

Message withdrawn

itsahardknocklife Mon 05-May-08 10:51:32

us too! I'm just jumping into shower now.

trace2 Mon 05-May-08 10:53:06

thanks isa we going for dinner first to two for onegrin

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