Any mums with little angels/devils in the huddersfield/Brighouse area?!?

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SmoothandWilkie Mon 07-Apr-08 20:04:10

Hi h0pe

I have only just moved to the area and have a DS aged 15 months if you fancy a coffee sometime?

h0pe Mon 18-Feb-08 18:11:53

I thanks for that, i've followed the thread - It's all a bit complex really!!

fatzak Sun 17-Feb-08 18:47:23

Hi Hope! Have only just noticed this post, sorry! There a few Huddersfield Mnetters but we tend to meet up with the Wakefield/Barnsley lot. Have a look at this thread which is where we tend to arrange most of our meet ups.
I keep saying that we need to have a more Huddersfield meet up - I'm inbetween Huddersfield and Wakefield - so I'll try and get the ball rolling!

h0pe Wed 06-Feb-08 16:57:25

Hi! I'm a mum of one little madam aged 4 and would love to meet mums of girls a similiar age as unfortunately not many of my friends have been brave enough to have any children!

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