wakefield ,barnsley, hudersfield girls come and chat

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trace2 Mon 26-Nov-07 17:14:20

with me, just wanted to be fisrt to post thread as noone else as, he he

Yorkshabird21x Sat 08-Dec-07 20:52:44

hiya trace!

itsahardknocklife Sun 16-Dec-07 13:26:13

hello. I'm new to this site - it's just taken me ages to figure out the registration and finding the local site, but I'm here now!

Mummy2CharlotteJean Mon 17-Dec-07 17:08:55

Hiya itsahardknocklife

itsahardknocklife Mon 17-Dec-07 17:57:33

hello! where is everyone?

Mummy2CharlotteJean Thu 20-Dec-07 20:23:23

if you go on meetups we are all on there. will put a link up for you

Mummy2CharlotteJean Thu 20-Dec-07 20:25:16


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