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OhEdith Mon 27-Jan-14 15:01:10

There may already be info regarding this but I'd really appreciate some help. We are house hunting and currently live in Birkenshaw, BD11. Hoping to move within catchment of Heckmondwike Grammar so wondering if anyone knows which areas are good? They've told me Birkenshaw is out of catchment and that 1/4 of their intake is out of catchment but we'd rather not have to move again therefore be in the right spot if our two are so inclined. Tia

emmelinelucas Wed 12-Feb-14 02:25:09

Hello ! I live near the school. There are some nice houses behind the school itself - Birkhead st, Francis st are ok. It would be worth it to have a walk around that area. I would put your requirements to the Estate Agents locally, as family houses sell very quickly, due to being close to the school, I suppose.
PM me if you want any more advice !

tintintin Sun 02-Mar-14 17:42:04

Hi there,we have been told that if you can see the school from your doorstep then your in the catchment! You won't be in the catchment area in Birkenshaw (sorry!).Heckmondwike,Whitelee and by Smithys lane is your best bet.Birstall isn't in the catcment,neither is Gomersal!You only have a small area to pick from but they do take children from outside catchment,depending on siblings etc.
Good luck and I'm glad that's behind me now!

tintintin Sun 02-Mar-14 17:43:46

Parts of liversidge are in catchment also I believe.You can access a map online somewhere I believe that shows you.

Eisa2013 Mon 17-Mar-14 14:02:33

Does anyone have any experience of Huddersfield Grammar?

shrimponastick Wed 19-Mar-14 23:04:00

DS is in y11 at Heck.

We are out of catchment.

The only area near school that i would choose to buy in would be upper batley. I presume that is in the catchment area.

However the entrance exam is the main deciding factor.

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