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immortalwife Fri 27-Dec-13 22:36:40

Hi! I'm in hd4 and there are loads of groups if you look in the Huddersfield examiner what's pon pages. Look up 'cathedral mice' at St Thomas road there's a few mornings a week and they're lovely people that run it. fsmile and look on the kirklees gov website too they'll have a what's on page too. There's usually a kids group in just about every village. So I'm sure you'll find something near you. Fairly sure there's things available in kirkheaton and Waterloo so you shouldn't be stuck for anything! Hope I helped smile

LocalEditorKirklees Tue 17-Dec-13 10:01:04

Hi there. Where abouts in huddersfield are you moving to? I'm more familiar with the outlying villages, but if you have a car many of these wouldn't be too far for you. Rhyme Time at Kirkburton library is very popular for example and I know a lot of mums travel from other areas to attend it.

There are several sure starts covering huddersfield and surrounding areas. The Kirklees website allows you to download the what's on guides.

We're currently working on getting the directory up to date and toddler groups is first on my to do list.

Lilytots Sun 08-Dec-13 22:07:26

Hi there, I am moving to HD5 at Christmas and just wondered if there were any mother and toddler groups around that area? Or can anyone recommend place to go with my one year old in the new year?
Thanks :-)

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