Party Venue Suggestions?

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LemonyLime Thu 11-Jul-13 15:30:31

We are moving abroad in August and my family are nagging me to have a leaving party. I have a huge family and I have lots of my friends have children aged 2-6. I was hoping to hire my local cricket club and have a late afternoon party with a big bouncy castle for the kids. Since the cricket is still on it isn't going to be possible.

We are really restricted on the date as DH has already moved and will only be back for one week.

The dates we are looking at are either Friday 24th August or Saturday 25th August.

I accept that I might have to just have an evening party but I have no idea where I can hire! Lots of places are booked up with weddings etc.

I ideally don't want to spend a fortune.

Any suggestions?

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