New Museum Young Curators Club?

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LittleHensmum Wed 17-Oct-12 20:06:52

I have been tasked with conducting a scoping exercise for the new Wakefield museum. My reason for posting on here is that I am trying to get some opinions from parents, grandparents and/or guardians in the Wakefield area about whether there would be any interest in a young curators club at the museum and what time of day would work best.
My main questions are:
•Would you prefer an afterschool club, evening club or weekend club?
•What age range do you think would work best: 8-13, 8-11, 13-16yrs?
•What kind of activities do your children like to do if they go to any clubs/groups already?
•What kind of activities do you think that this new club should include?
This is in the early planning stages so your input would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance for any responses.

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