New mum, haven't long lived here and would love some new mummies to chat with!

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JemaPeee Thu 13-Mar-14 02:14:12

Hi ladies....don't suppose anyone lives in or around the Portobello/sandal area of wakefield do you? Im in the process of buying a lovely new house and need to find out what the area is really like.x.

Thanks for your time Jemma:-)

Pontification Sun 18-Nov-12 22:57:03

I have a 22mo DS and would like to meet other mums in the area, I'm 23.

Dprince Fri 20-Jul-12 21:21:07


I am 30 with a dd who is 8 and a ds who is 17 months.
I have lived here all my life but only have one friend who has a baby around ds age.
Missed out a bit with my friends tbh. I had dd at 22 when all my friends were at uni then they had kids when dd was 4/5. Then they have all stopped now all have kids 4-6. I have been on either side. My Best friend has a baby a couple of months younger. But it would be nice to chat to other mums in the area.
I am in central wakefield, a couple miles outside the centre.

karinajack Mon 09-Apr-12 12:06:58

We're abouts are you ?
I'm 22 with a 4 yr old boy and 17 weeks pregnant
How's ur little one doing? Have you looked into toddler groups in your area I no there are some good ones near me that's where my son met a few friends

sophieee91 Fri 16-Mar-12 13:51:22

I'm 20 years old with a 10 week old little girl called Tia. I have recently moved here and I don't know anyone apart from my OH and his family. I would love to chat to get to know some mums!

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