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Hd8Sunshine Tue 11-Oct-11 22:36:26

Hi there,

I have been in HD8 for 9 months now but feel as I am not a true local like I still don't know many people. I have a son aged 5 in a village school. I am looking meet new friends. I know the area and where things are but don't know many people. I would happily like to talk with other mums. I am down to earth, easy going and nice. PM me or reply to this thread for a reply.


smile smile smile

KamiKaur Wed 19-Oct-11 23:01:59

Hello Sunshine!!! Has your child just started in Reception? There are various meet ups in the area you could try? Its difficult esp as ur sons too old for toddler groups now but various stuff on during half term that could help? Where abouts do you live?

Hd8Sunshine Thu 20-Oct-11 19:43:15

Hello hows things? No he's a year one. What meet ups? Im not totally sure whats on over half term? Skelmanthorpe Yeah missed out on baby and toddler groups. I have made some friends though through school.

Where are you Kamikaur?

KamiKaur Fri 21-Oct-11 23:24:33

Im at Fenay Bridge, also HD8 but dont know how near that is to Skelmenthorpe! There used to be various meetups-Huddersfield Mums Meetups but I havent been to one in ages. does your son go to school in skelmenthorpe? Its easier to make friends once they start school. Esp when the bday parties start happening!

DeepPurple Sun 23-Oct-11 21:03:00


I'm in Clayton West and I have a 2 year old DD. We should try and arrange a HD8 meet up!

BikeRunSki Fri 28-Oct-11 21:41:50

I'm in HD8 too, have a 3 yo DS and a 10 day old DD. EMCS, so I am not very mobile at the moment, but I reckon the Kirklees Light Railway (Clayton West, on main A636 Wakefield Road) playground/cafe would be a good place to meet when I can get that far. I'm in Scissett.

fatzak Sun 30-Oct-11 14:57:37

My DSes are 8 and 6 so at school but I'd quite like to meet up now that I am an HD8er!

KamiKaur Wed 02-Nov-11 17:40:07

i love kirklees light railway! Im up for it. DS at school but my DD is 2 so i can come with her!

BangWentMyTriangle Thu 26-Jan-12 20:10:17

Is this thread still active? I know it was started a while ago.
Just wondering if any of you lovely mums could shed any light on your area? We currently live in Birkenshaw BD11 and are looking to move for schools. We considered Ossett but it's where I grew up and am reluctant to go back so my folks have suggested Skelmanthorpe/Shelley etc?
I don't want to be isolated as I have 16 month old not in nursery and only have a car a couple of days a week.
Any info would be greatly appreciated grin

muminHD8 Thu 08-Mar-12 13:52:29

Hi there, I'm also in the process of moving to the HD8 area, particularly Denby Dale. So happy to meet with anyone near or around that area ie. Scissett, Skelmanthorpe, Clayton West etc.. I have a 2 1/2 year old and I'm 39. I work Tues-Thurs but available Mons and Fris. BangWentMySunshine, so far the schools around Denby Dale seem pretty good, in fact all the schools near to that area seem good. You could always try there? Anyway, if everyone meets up still, I'm happy to come along too. smile

Hd8Sunshine Mon 12-Mar-12 18:13:03

Hi there..

What about meeting up in Jelly Beans in the Denby Dale Mill shop next monday lunchtime? Obviously my sons at school but thought suggesting a play area would be better for the mums with little ones.

If not the garden centre at Shelley? Any ideas or suggestions let me know. If you inbox me your numbers then I can ring and sort something out. I am quite flexible with meeting.. x

On schools, they are all pretty good from what I have heard. Shelley has not got enough places for all the Shelley kids off Shelley Park so I wouldnt suggest that village for schools. I know alot of mums who haven't got into it and they live in Shelley lol..

Hope you are all okay.. smile

fatzak Fri 06-Apr-12 08:44:04

Only just seen this! Did you have a meet up - would love to catch up with some more local Mums next time.

BikeRunSki Thu 26-Apr-12 10:33:06

Right I am going to bump and bump and bump until something happens. I am in Scissett and have a 3.5 yo DS and 6 month old DD. On mat leave and could do with some adult company!

Actually, I am going to PM you all.

fatzak Wed 16-May-12 20:22:43

Who's playing out then??!!

Drizzleit Thu 23-Aug-12 11:02:29

Hi did you have the meet up? I've just joined to try and meet other mums near Penistone but there doesn't seem to be much happening on the Barnsley threads...

skydog Sun 09-Sep-12 20:48:46

Hi Drizzleit, may be worth checking out Avid Farm Shop. They have activities on Thursdays for preschool kids and a lovely cafe which would be a good spot for meet ups. They're near Millhouse Green. Cheers

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