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Echo303 Sat 21-May-16 21:17:01

Hi there,

We're moving to Tower Hamlets E3 area and are new to the borough. I just wanted some advice regarding primary schools if possible.

Our new house is closest to Old Ford Rd, Marmesbury, and Olga. We actually really liked Chisenhale, but the head said it's pretty unlikely we'd get in, as it's too far.

Although Old Ford has great results we didn't like the early streaming, and to be honest the lack of diversity was a little concerning.

Does anyone know anything about Olga? I understand it's getting a new look! Or the new Hackney Wick school please? Also any other local schools that seem well run and have a good mix of kids?

Any tips or suggestions would be really helpful and much appreciated, we're feeling at a bit of a loss of where to turn!

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