Any mums in the Bromley-by-Bow area?

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jennyG85 Mon 21-Mar-16 16:52:49

Hi all,

I live in the Bromley-by-Bow area and have a 4 month old son - I wanted to see if there are any other local mums who wanted to meet for a coffee?


carolweston Mon 11-Apr-16 12:08:02

Hi Jenny

I have a 2nhalf months old son. I live behine bow Church station. I would love to meeting u for a coffee When is a good day for you?

jennyG85 Thu 14-Apr-16 16:53:48

Hi Carol,

I'm a little busy next week but how about the week after? Are you free on 27th?


carolweston Fri 15-Apr-16 10:07:44

Hi Jenny
27th will be good to meet. Where about n what time shall we meet?xx

jennyG85 Wed 20-Apr-16 17:45:31

if the weather is nice then do you fancy grabbing a coffee and going for a walk round Vicky park?

carolweston Wed 20-Apr-16 18:11:28

Yes I love going there always smile Hope se catch a good day x

jennyG85 Wed 20-Apr-16 18:45:27

Fingers crossed its a good day! Shall we meet by the entrance on Parnell road? Do you want to meet in the morning or afternoon? x

carolweston Wed 20-Apr-16 19:05:45

Late morning maybe? By 11:30am?? Good so I look forward to meeting u there! Cu soon!x

jennyG85 Wed 20-Apr-16 19:52:26

cool, see you Wednesday! x

carolweston Wed 20-Apr-16 23:23:12

see u then!xx

carolweston Wed 27-Apr-16 08:54:30

Hi Jenny

Just saying hi n confirming we r meeting at 11:30 at Vic park. My phone is 07414844563
I look forward to see u

jennyG85 Wed 27-Apr-16 09:27:14

Hi Carol,

Yep still on for 11:30, my number is 07738247085

See you soon!


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