Please be vigilant! Burglary!

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Rosa2020 Thu 02-Jul-15 21:51:23


My grandparents house (on Headlam Street, Bethnal Green) got burgled today (02/07/15) between 2-3pm by 3 white guys.

A witness saw them leave in a Astra, registration VU55 JTO.

One guy knocked on the door and said he was from the council, took them in the living room to conduct a survey, while the other two got in (without their knowledge) and burgled their rooms.

Please be vigilant and report this vehicle to the police if you know it's where abouts. Most importantly, don't let strangers in, even if they claim they are from the council!!

It's very sad that these thieves are targeting vulnerable people!!! They deserve to be caught!!!

Please share with your contacts!!!

applecharlotte Wed 08-Jul-15 13:25:53

Sorry to hear this, its such a violation. I hope the police catch them.

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