Italian Wine Tasting Night for Charity,23/06/2015

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Gioel Tue 09-Jun-15 10:38:10

With great pleasure we announce that we were able to organize a Wine Tasting to help Maes Therapy and all children who like Francesca, our daughter, have 'motor skill difficulties.

We raise money to help pay a course of specialisation for already experts therapists in countries where there is no support for training.
We hope that Maes Therapy will spread more and more so that children both in public and in private, have access to this type of therapy, an evolution of what is' the Bobath technique.

Easy Dragons, the charity of dragon boat asked me to try to organise something alcoholic!

You will find here the flyer: save the date June 23, 2015 at 7.00 pm.

There will be 'an introduction of Easy Dragons, one of Jean-Pierre Maes and then I will guide you on an unusual wine tour of ancient, modern and contemporary, a bit of art and then a guided tasting. Two reds and two whites
At the end we will have a lottery: first prize among the many a Magnum 3lt worth 400 Pounds .....

At the end ham, cheeses, porchetta and many more while chatting.

Please spread the word and come with friends.

Book as soon as possible with reference Wine Tasting
Places are limited smile
go to the site of on wine tasting page.
you can pay with paypal or directly on the Charity account
Please send an email confirmation with your names and number of people at the address indicated

Valeria and Michele

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