Lost and Found in Tower Hamlets

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GoTowerHamlets Thu 24-Jul-14 18:02:49

I thought having a LOST and FOUND thread would be helpful to all of us here.

I found a pair of little girls' pink optical glasses near Poundland on Roman Road at around 6pm. Cleaners would have thrown them straight to the bin, so I thought I'll better post it here.

On the left temple it's written "Susanne 02 Rose" and on the right "Allegro Frame". The glasses look a little old as the ends of the logo are slightly scratched. If it belongs to your child or anyone you know, just PM me.

GoTowerHamlets Thu 24-Jul-14 18:08:31

My kids keep loosing their shoes, hats and other clothes. I buy usually branded ones, so if one of the shoes is lost I have to obviously purchase new ones again.

Let's help each other to find our lost properties and perhaps pets as well...

MrsMummyP Wed 30-Jul-14 19:39:17

This is such a good idea! I lost a black red herring cardigan last week- I think it must have been at the big screens in Canada Place. Will definitely use this. smile

Sabrina27 Wed 17-Sep-14 17:34:43

Hi everyone,

I lost my beautiful engagement ring this morning en route to Mudchute DLR station… It must have been around 11.15 when I left my house and I realized when I was on the DLR that I had lost it.
It is a platinum diamond ring, with a solitaire (round) stone and 3 leaves on each side. It has a vintage look to it.
It also has an engraving which reads: "To beating the odds JS Forever"
If anyone finds it or hears anything, please could you give me a call on 0780 500 4401?

I am very sad, upset and desperate to find it… It's heartbreaking to think that I mat never have the ring that my fiancé gave me when he proposed ever again. I am hoping and praying that a good soul found it and will return it to its sad and upset owner…!!! Thanks for reading

Gulee Thu 18-Sep-14 12:24:33

Hi Sabrina, we will post your message on our social media platforms as well and hope you will find your precious ring.

Sabrina27 Thu 18-Sep-14 12:35:05

Aww Thanks so much…
I really hope I get the phone call I am waiting for soon… smile

I have attached two more pictures of the ring (my ring has been customized and has a milgrain pattern around the leaves, but otherwise they're the same.

Thanks again for your help!

kbrockman Mon 10-Nov-14 08:24:27

I was in the Tower Hamlets yesterday to visit the Tower of London. I parked in Lower Somerset Street around lunch time (approx 13:30). Later on i realised that when I had gotten out of the car i had a necklace on my lap. I went back and searched the car and the area but sadly I could not find the necklace (I am assuming that the necklace dropped onto the floor when i got out of the car).

I am hoping someone has found it and is trying to find its owner.

The necklace is bright gold in colour, and is quite long (around 60cm). the link design on the chain is quite unusual with there being several parts to each link. The necklace is particularly important to me as it belonged to my late Grandmother and has huge sentimental value.

I will add a photo of the necklace when I am able.

Thanks for any help.

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