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Rosa2020 Sun 16-Mar-14 23:12:25

A mum from Central London left this message: I had the police over to my house to report our au pair for neglect and theft.

I found her on Gumtree (we had success here before as did my friends) and she came from Paris (we thought it was great she could teach our girls French). She was with us since the beginning of January but when my husband and I planned a day out of London (2 hours away), she dropped our children (2.5 years and 4.5 years) at school, moved out of our house, taking our house key, my Oyster card, a favourite sweater of mine and a lot of food.

The first we knew of this was when we received a call from the nursery saying that our au pair hadn't picked our youngest up and was not answering her phone. When we returned home we found she had moved out.

I am concerned she will work with children again so although she is now listed on a police database, the police said I could name her to warn others.

So if you come across Betty (Betul) Hopabli, beware and get in touch with me for more details.

GoTowerHamlets Mon 17-Mar-14 18:14:56

Oh my God, I am planning to go back to work and have been thinking to find a nanny as well. This message made me worry more now. I'll definitely ask reference or ask my friends to help to find reliable one.

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