Step by step nursery in wapping

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wappingmom Mon 10-Mar-14 23:02:59

Hello everyone,

I am looking at nurseries for my 3 year old.....has anyone heard about step by step in wapping? Would appreciate any feedback .....also are there any other nurseries around wapping that you would recommend. Thanks.

str1107 Tue 11-Mar-14 13:27:48

Hi, don't know about step by step, but I got recommended Matilda nursery in Wapping. (It's too soon for us yet, as my lo is only 3months) You can find them online as well. Good luck.

wappingmom Tue 11-Mar-14 20:55:24

thanks str1107....will call them and go and see the place.

ChicBibsUK Fri 21-Mar-14 08:13:24

it s a lovely one, both my kids went there, very friendly, lovely staff and looking well after every child.

wappingmom Thu 27-Mar-14 13:09:08

thanks ChicBibsUK

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