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eidsvold Thu 29-May-08 07:40:04

well as you are my local person - what is up for the weekend? Feeling like a different activity grin

Fruchocs Thu 24-Apr-08 05:05:18

Hi Is this the only few for Australia? I am a stay at home Mum in Adelaide.
Feeling a bit down about being a stay at home mum. Love being at home, keeping my home, looking after my great husband and 2 kids. But it is hard to keep your confidence up - what i do is so undervalued by the media, politicians, inlaws, friends etc. We made a choice to get by with less so that i can be a stay at home mum and I stand by that choice. But it can feel quite unfullfilling usually made so by the way everyone seems to value having stuff, eg. 2 cars big holidays etc.and how women do it all and hold down houses, kids & jobs. etc.
Im tired of people asking "wHAT DO YOU DO?"
when i reply that ends it there. boring housewife!!!

arfishy Fri 11-Apr-08 22:03:39

Hi Eids!

I had to get Tech to do mine - for ages I couldn't log in and then when I did it assigned me to Aberdeen grin.

Then yesterday I logged in and there was Sydney.

I think they still have to set up the Australian infrastructure for local.

eidsvold Thu 10-Apr-08 22:57:24

i can't get the start page to make a brisbane site - can you help - I do not get the page that asks you do anything.

arfishy Thu 10-Apr-08 08:22:21

Welcome to the new mumsnet:local site for Sydney.

I'm the first tsarina and will be starting to update now my access is ready.

Any questions, please get in touch.

I don't think I can manage the whole of Sydney by myself, so more volunteers would be great!


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