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Is he still controling me

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MyLittleMiracle Wed 15-Feb-12 12:19:03

It is still a form of control. I am having this from my ex, but more housing wise. He is basically making me either stay at mums or return to our old tenancy. Honestly best thing is to seek legal advice via a solicitor to be honest!

tashies Tue 14-Feb-12 12:57:15

Long story short broke up with ex 5 months ago he cheated in me was an abusive relationship and he left me since the break up he's constantly made it hard for me financially not paying child support like he should he has s well paying job and over dec - feb he didn't work as his job ended he never notified CSA and never went in centerlink. After break up I had said he was not allowed to have our 20 month old son out of my care as he would not give him back to me when we broke up and has a very short temper with him but was allowed to visit call anytime! So he didn't pay me anything for almost 9 weeks. I have as little direct contact with him as possible most contact goes through his mother as he doesn't have my number due to threats 2 weeks ago I had a conversation with him he stated he will pay me up to date what he owes over 2 weeks as long as he can have his son for few hours on wkend supervised by his mum so u agreed he payed up the 1st week snd last week I've had to chase it up 3 times to try get the remaining amount still to no avail so has turned into argument I don't get it why he still tries to control things and upset me I'm sure he gets some joy from it considering he cheated left and has s new partner ... Also I have been through CSA they can't collect it from his pay as he pays money in drubs n drabs ... I'm so emotionally drained stressed as I need this money to get from week to week ... Is this him still trying to control me or am I over reacting

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