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Urgent - GP in Zug

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kreecherlivesupstairs Fri 26-Feb-10 09:02:35

I suppose I should correct that and say he is in Oberwil not Walchwil.

giddybiddy Thu 25-Feb-10 18:14:43

Hi, I haven't been to him but have been recommended Dr Lipp 041 7265959 who works in a practise in Zug. There are apparently more than one DR there so not a prob to see someone. Hope that helps!

kreecherlivesupstairs Thu 25-Feb-10 08:55:44

The GP I use is Dr Van der Kruissjan in Walchwil, his phone number is 041 711 5609. He may not be able to treat your pain, but will refer you onto someone else. Brace yourself, he is seriously ding dong grin

fonduechinoise Wed 24-Feb-10 07:42:29

Morning ladies
Please can you help.
I urgently need a GP in Zug , ideally he/she speaks English. I have been in pain for far to long and cannot handle it anymore!
Kreecher, whilst I was looking for this local site I saw some old emails and could not help laughing at your posts (i used to be whatdoidonext. Anyway... how is the knee?
We must organise another meet up soon.
Good day

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