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GENEVA MN Meet up *Wine mandatory* *Leek and other Plastic Veg Optional*

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MmeLindt Fri 05-Feb-10 18:44:25

Shall we arrange another meet up before the school hols or is it too soon for you guys?

Has the Leek recovered, Cariboo?

Niftyblue Sat 13-Feb-10 21:29:25

Where is everyone????

strudelface Sun 14-Feb-10 16:47:01

Awww is no-one talking to you Nifty!

Yep let's do Tuesday

MmeLindt are you free too? Caribooooooooooo where are youuuuu?

MmeLindt Sun 14-Feb-10 16:50:38

Think I can do Tuesday, will have to ask DH when he comes home. He is off running. Crazy man. It is bloody cold today.

cariboo Sun 14-Feb-10 18:53:04

Been ill since our last meet-up. Horrible cold. These viruses are strong this year - either that or my immune system is shot.

Next week busy, week after hols so will have to be March for me and Leek. xx

MmeLindt Sun 14-Feb-10 19:09:06

Looks like DS may be home from school Monday Tuesday so will DEFINITELY need a glass of wine by Tues evening.

He is Coming Down With Something <said in ominous tone>

strudelface Sun 14-Feb-10 20:09:43

Sorry you have been unwell cariboo. Have a speedy recovery - hope to see the leek and you soon.

Ok so MmeLindt et Nifty where shall we go? Nifty do you want a lift?

MmeLindt Sun 14-Feb-10 20:31:27

Ill since our last meetup, Cariboo? Did leek not protect you from our germs?

Come out on Tuesday and kill the germs with lots of wine.

Have spoken to DH. It is a GO (to use an American expression).

Ring should arrive tomorrow afternoon so bring your sunglasses.

cariboo Sun 14-Feb-10 21:30:06

tempted!grin diamonds are a girl's best friends! apart from a trusty leek, of course.

Niftyblue Mon 15-Feb-10 08:04:04

Cariboo sad
cccooooooooooommmeee out to play !!!

Yes I can Tuesday

We get out new car tomorrow (I think)

Don`t mind about driving Strudel if ya want to drink wink

MmeLindt Mon 15-Feb-10 17:49:06


I suggest at the La Clemence bar at the top of the old town at 7.45ish. Tomorrow (Tuesday) We can then decide where to go from there.

The green one with the tables outside

cariboo Wed 17-Feb-10 10:10:33

Sorry, guys (as we north americans say!) but Tuesday was a disaster day for me. Meeting with dd's school - want her out of there, poor little trout!

Didn't sleep a wink last night as was so stressed out by the meeting and sad for dd who tries soooo hard but just doesn't have the stamina to do 2hrs of homework per night. She's only 9, ffs!angry

Gritty eyed today but have at least calmed down.

Hope you guys had a good time last night and see you next time. xx

TheMysticMasseuse Wed 17-Feb-10 12:24:09

Cariboo, that sounds dreadful where does your dd go to school- i am in the process of chosing a school for dd1 (4).

hope you all had a good time

Cadmum Wed 17-Feb-10 17:38:40

Sorry for missing yet another meet-up. I am pathetic...

I hope you are still planning another one for the first week in March. I am going to need a break by then.

Cariboo. I am sorry about your dd. I agree that 2 hours of homework is far too much at 9. (We manage to fit in an entire 'school day' in about 5 hours and only rarely go into 'homework' hours.) I hope you manage to find a better solution and that you are able to get some sleep in the mean time. There is nothing more stressful than a crisis in a sleep-deprived funk.

Back to the sorting in preparation for packing.

cariboo Sun 21-Feb-10 11:50:08

She's at Florimont. MM and other expats: Don't send your kid(s) there unless you are a firm believer in a very old-fashioned (dating back at least 50, I'm guessing) school system - learning by rote, punishment instead of encouragement, strict discipline (not a bad thing at all, IMO!) and work, work, work.

We're off to Paris tomorrow, back on Thursday. Meet up next week?

Cadmum, you'd better show yourself or we'll think you're a trollgrin

Cadmum Sun 21-Feb-10 21:58:51

Cariboo - Oh, I am a troll... (Or at least I feel like one.)

When is the next meet-up then?

Niftyblue Tue 23-Feb-10 10:02:43

Watch it cadmum if you are a troll wink cariboo won`t bring the leek next time in fear that you will eat itgrin
She is very attached to her dear little leek
DD keeps asking me when am I going out with thoses ladies again
She calls you strudell
Lindt and the leek lady

Cadmum Tue 23-Feb-10 10:11:21

I won't eat the leek. I promise.

Is the plan to meet next week? Is that already the first week of March? EEK!

I am starting to wonder what I have got myself (ourselves) in for... It is 35 degrees in Phnom Penh today and raining.

Everyone we know who has been there absolutely loves it and besides anything is possible for one year though, right?

Niftyblue Tue 23-Feb-10 10:24:19

A year will fly by
It will be great
My friends did`nt want to leave

cariboo Wed 24-Feb-10 08:35:09

Leekie comments that he is inedible. He's loving Paris, although where he goes, I have no idea...grin

Niftyblue Wed 24-Feb-10 09:06:49

Leek has probarly heard the rumours about what they say about Paris Leeks
Ya know what they say about the French being romanticconfused

Niftyblue Wed 24-Feb-10 09:09:07

Watch that he does`nt run off with a string of onions !!!!

cariboo Wed 24-Feb-10 21:36:10

lol! guessing that would actually be "rolling off with a string of onions".

MmeLindt Fri 26-Feb-10 12:52:38

LOL at the budding romance between Leek and some cheeky French Onions.

Are you taking DD out of school then, Cariboo?

Back from Paris, exhausted and full of the cold. We had a GREAT time though.

Meetup next week?

Who can?

cariboo Sat 27-Feb-10 09:24:04

Just hope he didn't get involved with any leek or onion tarts!

Weren't we lucky with the weather, MmeL? Phew! Didn't take dc out of school - GE hols were last week. We had an absolutely brilliant time but are completely and utterly wrecked with fatigue. Feet still throbbing. Worth it, though.

Sooooo, meet up when? Where?

Cadmum Sun 28-Feb-10 07:36:41

I would like to meet you, please.

Next week is packers and movers so this week should be full of chaotic sorting but what I don't get done here will wait til the other end, right?
Wednesday and Friday are the least likely options for me at this point but even they might have possible time slots.

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