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GENEVA MN Meet up *Wine mandatory* *Leek and other Plastic Veg Optional*

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MmeLindt Fri 05-Feb-10 18:44:25

Shall we arrange another meet up before the school hols or is it too soon for you guys?

Has the Leek recovered, Cariboo?

TheMysticMasseuse Thu 08-Jul-10 19:14:26

not gonna bother with AIBU, but basically

AIBU to think that mothers should discipline their dcs before others are forced to do it for them?

little boy in question was boysterously monopolising climbing frame and shouting at little ones and girls. So far, so 6 yo boy. Mother sat 3 meters away and said nothing. I went over to rescue 2 yo dd and had a firm but polite word with boy. Mother still ignored situation. 10 minutes later, I saw a man marching to the climbing frame and forcibly removing the boy for hitting another boy. Boy was returned to mother, who finally got off her behind and loudly told him that he was being "tres mechant" and sat him on a blanket. Little boy was then ignored while he cried desperately.

I think it's very unfair, and confusing, for a child to be disciplined by a stranger. He was clearly testing boundaries and trying to raise attention and failed miserably. Made me sad.

But apart from that (and PPI- pathetic parking incident) was a lovely afternoon! Thanks for meeting me despite my dodgy allegiances

nicbat Mon 12-Jul-10 07:45:50

Mystic, no I don't think you are being unreasonable and I agree with you but sadly you will find these types of scenarios everywhere! I've witnessed similar goings on many a time in public play areas. It's frustrating as it means you can't relax and are constantly hovering around dc in case they get pushed or shouted at by another child. I have previously intervened by either having to remove ds or telling other child off as parents don't seem to be nearby.

I too had a lovely afternoon and was great to meet you and MdmeLindt! Lets meet again soon..

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