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Sportferien Activities in Zug Canton

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fonduechinoise Thu 28-Jan-10 19:25:14

Do any of you know of a club in Zug canton where my DD could go during the Sportferien, starting on 8th Feb for 2 weeks, or at least the first week?
Any suggestion most welcome!

kreecherlivesupstairs Sun 31-Jan-10 08:33:19

No, is she at local school? You could try asking there. My dd doesn't break up for a week after yours. I think she'll be going to ski school in Engelberg. The thought of driving her an hour each way up a windy mountain road covered in snow fills me with such joy. Not.

fonduechinoise Sun 31-Jan-10 09:58:32

Hi there. no she is not. this holiday business is SUCH a pain as I cannot find anywhere... Will ask her old creche tomorrow and so hope they'll say yes to have her for 5 days...
Why don't you go to Sattel for the ski lessons for your dd? much closer and small station which i find less daunting for little ones to learn. That is where we shall be going on the second week

kreecherlivesupstairs Sun 31-Jan-10 12:53:03

Sattel is OK, in fact I took her there last week, for some reason my dh prefers Engelberg. Who am I to argue.
Have you asked at the gemiende about holiday activities? I know they do loads in the summer. DD had a day as a pirate this summer.

fonduechinoise Sun 31-Jan-10 13:35:36

I agree that i prefer Engelberg but for the purpose of dd to learn to ski Sattel suits me fine
I went to the Migration place in Zug and they admitted it was becoming a huge problem as more and more parents are working full time and whilst the gemeinde offers lots of activities the hours don't fit.

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