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Salt and vinegar crisps.

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kreecherlivesupstairs Sun 31-Jan-10 08:30:01

Yes gipfeli, but the salt and vinegar were part of their finest range. I think they cost about 6 chf a bag and weren't all that.

strudelface Sat 30-Jan-10 10:06:13

DD1 was very excited to report that at the school disco last night they were selling WALKERS crisps. Sadly not salt & vinegar but cheese and onion.

Gipfeli Fri 29-Jan-10 09:02:28

Am v. excited to hear they do them in Coop.

Migros have had them for ages though haven't they? as well as black pepper ones.

MmeLindt Thu 28-Jan-10 17:46:58

Have you noticed that if you post on a MN local thread that it gets stickied to the top of active conversations? Or is that just me?

MmeLindt Thu 28-Jan-10 17:34:52

Smoky bacon for me.

I do like the paprika ones too though.

kreecherlivesupstairs Thu 28-Jan-10 17:23:41

But the excitement is disproportionate to what I am getting worked up about. I suppose that three years of either plain or paprika has to take it's toll.

strudelface Thu 28-Jan-10 16:20:52

I'm with your DD but my DDs would be in your S&V team.

kreecherlivesupstairs Thu 28-Jan-10 11:31:40

Am ridiculosly overjoyed at the appearance of these in COOP and Migros. DD not too fond of them and said she'd prefer cheese and onion. What is wrong with her?

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