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Moving to Zurich - anyone out there

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Dolphinnoises Sat 21-Jan-17 21:06:10

Hello, I'll keep this brief as I wonder if anyone will see it - this is a very quiet area of MN! We're moving to Zurich this summer. Any help or advice on where to like, and which of the two international schools is reckoned to be the best? Or just any tips at all, like how much (in reality) a three bedroom (not room, what's with that?!) flat in an expat area would be likely to cost (a squillion pounds a week by the look of it!)

Herslanded Sun 22-Jan-17 21:05:31

Just discovered this local area tonight.
I have no idea about international schools but I think they are mostly lakeside....Therefore I guess you would want to base your property searches around them.
I would look around the silver (west) coast at places like Kilchberg, Thalwil and Horgen or gold coast side, somewhere like Kusnacht or further down.All good train links and quick into the centre.
Don't discount 4 room apartment s when advertised as some will have a large kitchen/ living area counting as one room. And check plans for rooms that have sliding doors and not proper doors......So disappointing when you travel a long way to immediately discount somewhere for this reason.Definitely check terrain maps and look out for nearby churches as the bells might ring incessantly.
I think if you start with an idea of about 4000ch a month you should see some places with 3 separate good sized bedrooms.Then work up or down depending on your budget.

LIZS Sun 22-Jan-17 21:14:07

Try looking on and for potential properties. There is an expatmomsinSwitzerland yahoo group which has a concentration of families in the area who can give you the low down and a support network. There are several international schools around but places can be hard to come by.

LIZS Mon 23-Jan-17 12:55:26

And this site has a wealth of useful info and contacts

Dolphinnoises Wed 08-Feb-17 12:35:19

Thanks all, that's really helpful. The job offer includes an international school place apparently but we don't have many details yet... I'm a bit concerned by how hard places seem to be to get - and being either side of the lake, how can you really look for somewhere to live before you know if you've got a place?
I'm also completely bemused by the whole washing machine thing - how do you cope doing a family's washing in one mutual machine? What if there's a wet bed or a vomiting bug? It just seems so bizarre... I tend to put through a load every day!

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