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Struggling to sell property, any tips on how property works?

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Beezkneez Sun 03-Jan-16 17:35:55

We have a lovely house in Disentis, Graubunden, an alpine village ski resort a few hours from Zurich. DH is german and inherited it (along with a large mortgage) from his parents. We've had happy times there but decided to sell as we can't really afford to run it. We rent it out in ski season and turnover a fair amount but it doesn't quite cover its costs. With 3 dc (7. 4 and 6 months) we're only getting over there once possibly twice a year and its a long drive from the UK.
It's been on the market since Easter with the only agent in the village but with no apparent interest though she never called us or anything.
So, those in the know, what's the deal in ch? The agent seemed to charge a high percentage. What's the rightmove equivalent over there? Are there cheaper online agents?
Finally... Anyone want to buy a lovely 5 double bedroom house in disentis?!
(I may be back with more questions as plan B is to try and increase rentals....)!

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