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Renting in / around Zurich

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TortillaDeMaiz Mon 23-Jul-12 09:56:56

Hello, I don't check this site so often, so apologies if you read this a bit too late.

I recommend you checking out for rental and buying properties. Inside the city I personally like Oerlikon in the north side (Kreis 11), there are some decent shopping, sport facilities, playgrounds, etc. Outside of the city I think Wädenswil is really good for the same reasons. You can always hear English speaking people in both areas.

NotVictoriaBeckham Wed 06-Jun-12 09:12:56

My DP has been offered a job in Zurich and we are seriously considering moving there (currently living in London). I understand that accommodation is very expensive and also pretty hard to find. Does anyone have any advice on where is nice to live in Zurich, and any tips on how to go about the property search? We don't have kids so schooling isn't an issue at the moment. Just keen to live somewhere well-connected, ideally with some nice shops and amenities. Thanks!

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