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Au revoir to the Genevois Mners

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juststrudel Mon 09-Aug-10 13:42:14

Oh yes - on both accounts and huuuuuge as well grin

MmeLindt Mon 09-Aug-10 12:57:24

Sounds great, Strudel. I am happy for you guys.

Have you got a lovely kitchen and bathroom then? That is what I am most jealous of when we visit anyone.

juststrudel Mon 09-Aug-10 12:42:13

Yes girls going to International School, it is new and small and by the banks of the Rhine, did consider German or Bi-lingual schools very briefly (although I'm put off by some of the things I have read on here!) But.....dd2's German isn't/wasn't that great anyway, and she has just started to get on great at school and dd1 would probably never speak to us again if we put her in a German school.

I'll see how I get on but may take you up on contacts at a later date - thanks.

DDs are fine about moving, dd1's 2 best friends have just left too. DD2 is a bit sad. Life should be easier there though- we can walk/bike to school so they will have more time to do extra-curricular stuff which we didn't here because of long commute. We will live just by the U-bahn into Bonn. Best of all we found fabby apartment and can't wait to get settled.

MmeLindt Mon 09-Aug-10 11:02:50

Oh, Bonn is lovely. Very peaceful and sedate. And you have hyper fun Cologne on the doorstep.

I have a couple of friends in the area, if you want me to put you in touch with them. They are in Cologne, not Mums but fab fab women. They can help you out finding things in the area.

Are the girls going to International School then? Good thing that they both speak German already, they will find the move much easier. How are they taking it?

juststrudel Mon 09-Aug-10 09:53:23

Hello MmeLindt

We are going to Bonn - actually v excited but knackered have spent last 5 weeks organising everything and wondering where the summer went. Girls start school next week which is why we are off already.

How's your summer going?

MmeLindt Mon 09-Aug-10 09:43:59



Where are you off to?

I am glad for your DH though, as I know he was not happy here.

juststrudel Mon 09-Aug-10 09:33:33

We are moving to Germany this week but just thought I would post and say bye. It was great to meet fellow mumsnetters, I just wish there were some where we are going.

We will miss the mountains and the lake and the beach and shopping in Carrefour (am dreading German supermarkets). We won't miss the traffic or the cost of living or the airport noise.

Who knows we may be back as I have met quite a few ex-pats who return to Geneva.........

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