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Bern Mnetters - can you help or offer advice?

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applesandcider Mon 31-Jan-11 01:18:09

Thanks ML - just thought and I thought I'd try again! Bern is such a strange place .... I know that there's loads of expat brits there but they all seem to keep their heads down.

I'll just have to keep reserving my regular room at the Baren Hotel for the moment. (I'd much rather that than staying with Swiss family IYKWIM!)

MmeLindt Mon 24-Jan-11 23:16:05

I really don't think there is a MNetter in Bern. Or she is lurking and has never posted.

applesandcider Mon 24-Jan-11 23:10:04

resurrecting this with a name change! Still looking for short term apartment rentals in Bern - there must be at least 1 Bern mnetter here!!!!

I am not in Bern, but working in Solothurn and living near Basel.

All back to school now so am surprised it is so quiet, will ask some of the girls here who live in Bern.

Drayford Wed 18-Aug-10 23:19:13

Possibly they are! I've just got back from Bern and it's terribly quiet there (apart from the chinese tourists and the spurs fans last night!!)

MmeLindt Tue 17-Aug-10 12:40:38

Not sure if there is anyone in or around Bern. Perhaps they are all on holiday just now.

Drayford Wed 11-Aug-10 00:18:17

Are there actually any mnetters in Berne/oberlander etc??

Drayford Wed 11-Aug-10 00:17:33

Bumping this post in hope of some help.....

On another matter, wtf is going on in Bern on 17th/18th August as I cannot get a room anywhere in the city for that night - not even the Bellevue!!!!. I've had to stay in some hotel near Worb (which will make a change I suppose!!)

MmeLindt Mon 09-Aug-10 07:24:07

Morning Drayford.

No idea about Bern, cause we are in Geneva but hopefully someone else will be along soon.

Drayford Mon 09-Aug-10 00:25:52

Gruetzi mitenand!

Do any of you lovely swiss mnetters know of any short term (3 days plus) serviced apartment rentals in Bern?

I have to spend days at a time in Berne for family reasons and I'm getting very very fed up of hotels like the Baren etc (unless I win the lottery and can afford the Bellevue and then I just might decide to live there!)

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