Meet up next week in brynmill park

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JackBauer Thu 22-Apr-10 20:59:42

We have a meetup threadhere
Anyone else fancy a picnic lunch next thursday in brynmill park let us know who you are and we shall see you there!

JackBauer Fri 23-Apr-10 18:11:13


JackBauer Sun 25-Apr-10 12:47:03


ettaandrews Wed 16-Jun-10 10:46:21

Hey I have a 10 month old little boy, that and I really want to start mixing him with out baby's, is it OK to come to the picnic next Thursday?

Yokefleet Thu 17-Jun-10 19:34:38

I think this picnic was back in April hunni x

ettaandrews Fri 25-Jun-10 17:28:33

lol oh yea I just read the date, oops!

Pingpong Sun 27-Jun-10 21:35:50

there is another thread here which is planning a meetup for July

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