I am trying again for a swansea meet up!

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QualityTime Wed 23-Jun-10 15:44:44

OKay, will start a new meet up thread here!

natalia88 Wed 23-Jun-10 10:49:17

hi, i would love to meet up! be a lot of fun if there was a few of us! brynmil park always goes down well with the kids xxx

Ryuk Thu 17-Jun-10 23:42:19

I love brynmill park. We should do a picnic! grin

QualityTime Thu 17-Jun-10 23:40:40

I have 2 dd's, 2.8 and 4.4.
As reassurance I am a recent namechanger, and not new to this thread. (tries valiantly to be crypticgrin)

brynmill park is also good, do you have transport?
I need to check DH's rota and we can picka date, afternoons are good for us, dd1 ahs school in teh morning.

Ryuk Thu 17-Jun-10 23:32:45

I'm not much of a watery person, but I do like the outdoors, so could do.

QualityTime do you have DC or are you expecting as well?

QualityTime Thu 17-Jun-10 21:54:38

If this weather stays I was thnking of doing the lido at some point, either next week or week after.
How's that sound?

Ryuk Thu 17-Jun-10 21:20:45

St Thomas. The uphill bit!

QualityTime Thu 17-Jun-10 21:11:50

Hello ladiesgrin

Whereabouts are you two? I am on the East side, just down from ff.

Ryuk Thu 17-Jun-10 21:07:46

Hi ettaandrews, I've not had mine yet but am about 10 weeks pregnant and very excited. Would be interested in socialising with more people with small children to get more used to the idea of actually being a parent, if that makes sense?

ettaandrews Wed 16-Jun-10 10:52:00

hey! I just found this site, I wanna meet up with other mothers from Swansea, to help my son ( ten months old ) get used to seeing other people, lol and to make friends myself to stop me going stir crazy! I'm up for meeting

parkgirl Mon 19-Apr-10 15:40:04

Hello I am here!!! I live in Neath...

Yokefleet Fri 09-Apr-10 14:13:47

I will try and get back here more often!

JackBauer Thu 08-Apr-10 15:19:52


JackRabbitBauer Wed 07-Apr-10 14:42:27

I know, I am trying to add mroe stuff to the local site as well, but it's pointless unless they come in and look!
Each post on the local talk gets stickied for a small amount of time at the top of active convos though, might ask if it can stay for a bit longer..

Yokefleet Thu 01-Apr-10 17:24:19

I don't think many people look at the local bit on here. I have only come on as I was adding details of my local playgroup in Cockett. You could come there if you wanted.

JackRabbitBauer Mon 29-Mar-10 13:03:55

Bump, stop ignoring me!

JackBauer Fri 26-Mar-10 08:49:47

New meet up thread here

If soft play does not inspire then we could always meet at clydach park?! Or Brynmill?

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