Anyone from Carmarthenshire/Caridganshire borders?

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nugent42 Tue 16-Feb-10 11:09:22

Hi This is my first pregnancy and i live on the carmarthenshire/Cardiganshire borders. I am hoping to find other Mums to be/Mums in the area so I can find out about NCT, Bumps and Baby groups and it would be lovely just to know of other people in the area!

lots33 Thu 12-Aug-10 18:09:51

Hi only just seen this so don't know if you are still mumsnetting. And am guessing that your baby is probably born so congratulations if so! I am currently 36 weeks pregnant and I live near Llandeilo in Carms.....i also don't know many other people around....take care.

pinemartina Tue 17-Aug-10 23:00:35

Hey lots33 and nugent42! I just found this.I am in Llandeilo! my baby was born in April and I have 4 older dc. Would love to meet up/chat/email.You can CAT me on the contact poster link ..x

lots33 Wed 18-Aug-10 08:49:49

Hi Pine martina,
So your baby is coming up for 6 months.....and wow, 4 older DC's.....supermum! Are you a full time mum? Would love to chat/meet up i have no idea how to CAT, I went onto the contact poster link and need to change my settings and pay so i'll need to look at that again! Do you live in the town? I go into Llandeilo pretty regularly, i live 5 miles away in Llangadog. Well I am now 37 weeks pregnant and know that, unless the baby makes his appearance early, he will be induced at Cardiff UHW a week Tuesday. This is because he has a condition called bladder extrophy where basically they think his bladder is outside the body and he'll need to be transferred to Great Ormand St when he is born for an am likely to be away most of September and not in communicado but would definitely be up for meeting when we get back home......
Good to hear from you.

pinemartina Wed 18-Aug-10 22:47:43

Hi -I am on maternity leave(am a nurse),hopefully until well into the new year,if funds allow...

I am a singlemum,but don;t feel very super!
Have a look at my threads if you like (in relationships mostly)-you can search by putting my nickname into advanced search.

I live in Ffairfach,just by the bridge in the terraces.

You can email me on

Good luck with your pregnancy.It must be worrying having to plan the transfer to GOS.Do you have lots of support?Is this your first?

Speak soon

lots33 Thu 19-Aug-10 14:43:00

Hi Tamsin
I've tried to email you and it keeps bouncing back as failed.....have you received it?
Lottie x

pinemartina Fri 20-Aug-10 20:42:53

Hi Lottie - Just seen this -I had seen and replied to your email...or maybe you have the reply by now?

Ilythia Tue 24-Aug-10 13:50:10

Hi there, I live in swansea but just wanted to say that I have met pinemartina and her kids and she is a supermum, and lovely, so do all try and meet up!

SmacsGonePotty Wed 25-Aug-10 14:31:57

I'm in Carmarthen with 2 DDs, one almost 2.5y and one almost 6m and always happy to meet up with new people.
Ilythia have you name changed? Were you JB/QT??
lots33 good luck for the arrival of your son and I hope it's not too traumatic for you and him.

deemented Wed 25-Aug-10 14:45:54

Yes Smac, She was smile

And i can also vouch for Pinemartin as being a supermum too grin

pinemartina Wed 25-Aug-10 22:41:35

Hey,thanks you guys,that's lovely smile
Where's the so-called-summer gone?!
Smac would love to meet up !

And Dee and Ily !!!!

Ilythia Thu 26-Aug-10 16:12:11

Dammit, why do I bother namechanging, eveyr bugger spots me anywaygrin

SmacsGonePotty Thu 26-Aug-10 18:22:57

grin I'm sure I wouldn't have recognised you on the main section of the site but I dropped into local and spotted your comprehensive list of what's on in Swansea and that kind of gave it away wink. Are you going to try another meet up?
I've almost forgiven you lot for standing me up in July....

Ilythia Thu 26-Aug-10 21:59:46

grin <<grovel grovel>>

I am going to be horribly busy for the next few weeks months but any weekend meetup or evening piss meet up will be doable...

WIl try and organise something, if only so you can make a point of pulling out at the last mgrininute

SmacsGonePotty Sat 28-Aug-10 21:56:23

My DD2 is unreliable in the evenings so can't be left for long, certainly not an evening piss up in Swansea yet but DH works shifts (rolling pattern) and if he is working all weekend I'm definitely up for a weekend day time meet up.

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