Liberty Stadium Swansea - Baby Show

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Ilovebeingamummy Tue 30-Jun-09 10:59:04

Should be a fab day - lots of exhibitors, free entry and parking, presentations, freebies and refreshments. Even a fashion show and a cute kid contest!

Set in Swansea’s largest conference suites, The Swansea Suites, the Show has some exciting exhibitors including, Hop n Squeak, showcasing their magical shoes; Occasional Twist who will amaze both children and adults with their balloon creativity and the award winning Nic Cleave Photography whose location-based family portrait photography captures your family in a natural and relaxed way. Other exhibitors include NCT (National Childbirth Trust) and Keedo who will be displaying their seasonal collection at our exclusive Fashion Show.

With special guest appearances from Cybil and Cyril the Swans and entertainment from Melody Minis this really is a fun day out for all the family. Refreshments are available at our café for those wanting to relax and enjoy a chat with other mums and dads.

I will be on the NCT stand - please come along, grab loads of freebies and info and let me know you saw this on Mumsnet!

Ilovebeingamummy Tue 30-Jun-09 10:59:16

11am - 4pm

JackBauer Tue 30-Jun-09 20:22:10

That's the same day as the Race For Life in Singleton park, and every mother in Swansea I know is running/walking/pregnant waddling that, sorry!

Ilovebeingamummy Wed 01-Jul-09 17:13:12

I know - stupid day for them to have chosen for the baby show - but what can you do?!

JackBauer Thu 02-Jul-09 11:24:52

It's a shame as I would have gone, it's not that far from me so could have walked it (justgrin)

Ilovebeingamummy Thu 02-Jul-09 21:08:23

Do you know if the race for life is all day?

JackBauer Thu 02-Jul-09 21:14:17

I've never done one before but it starts at 10ish I think. Wouldn't have thought it was all day but it would take a good few hours.

Ilovebeingamummy Thu 02-Jul-09 21:33:26

So if we're in luck the afternoon might pick up....argghh!

Pingpong Fri 10-Jul-09 21:15:56

what date is it?

Pingpong Fri 10-Jul-09 22:20:21

s'ok I've goggled and found it's on the 19th July

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