Pregnant & Lonely in Swansea

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westcross31 Sun 25-Sep-11 12:32:24

Hi there, I'm 15 weeks and due in March 2012, feeling a bit sad and emotional this morning. Would love to make contact with other mums-to-be in Swansea and Mumbles, so thought I would say hello smile

TRYSOR Sun 02-Oct-11 22:59:59

Hi, firstly congrats, i am not a mum to be or in swansea but just wanted to tell you about my experiences, i have four children now but i was a new mum and knew o one else who was pregnant or had children but as soon as my ds i joined every group available and now seven years on i have a strong group of 5 friends and i truly believe we will be friends for a life time.
I know its hard to go new laces but just take a deep breath and go for it. Think of the social skills your child will learn :-).

I will be your email friend if you are interested;-) all will be fine.

Billster Sun 09-Oct-11 11:47:19

Hi There

I'm a mum in Swansea (just up from Mumbles in fact). Sorry you're feeling sad today. I agree meeting other mums to be will be great for you and maybe if you combine with some light exercise it will lift your spirits? There is a fantastic mums to be yoga class in Mumbles and I know many of my friends have made really good friends by going whilst pregnant and then carrying on with their little ones. Run by Lisa Harley (her ad is on the link attached.)

Also the National Pool in Sketty & Swansea midwives run a fun aquanatal class and again I know some of the people in that class have become good friends. It's every Tues at 2.30 (a pain if you work daytimes but great if you can get there)

Why not give it a try. Everyone gets a bad day but if you are getting lots of them, go speak to your midwife - i've been there, i didn't and I wish i had.

Often on here to chat if you want.

AmberSkye Tue 10-Jan-12 14:36:28

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

jones2003 Wed 25-Jan-12 13:10:13

Hi, i am pregnant mum to b in swansea, im only 12weeks pregnant and due roughly on 10th august 2012. if anybody wants to chat im here as i find it lonely on times.

Dandylioness107 Sat 18-Feb-12 12:19:24

Hi, I found this post on google and decided to crash.
I am about to move to Swansea end of March and I will be about 17 weeks pregnant by then. I'm really worried as never even been there before and don't know how I'm going to make friends if I can't get a job!
I have enquired about Lisa Harveys yoga class so I hope to meet a couple of you there or even just a chat on here, I will prob need help getting around Swansea when I get there so a maybe we could do a meet?

LingDiLong Thu 23-Feb-12 19:56:17

Hi Dandy

This forum is really, really quiet. I would suggest starting a new thread in here with Swansea Meet Up in the title. Although I should warn you that a few people have tried to arrange Swansea meet ups and it never seems to happen for some reason...

Which part of Swansea are you moving to?

Dandylioness107 Wed 29-Feb-12 11:04:52

Ok Thanks LingdiLong for the advice. I am not sure where we are moving to so I will wait until I know before trying to arrange anything. My DH will be moving down this week and I will follow when he's found a place.

It seems like a lot of the accomodation available to us (we have a dog) is way out in the sticks so may end up being more anti social whan I thought sad

LingDiLong Wed 29-Feb-12 23:22:58

Well when you find out post back on here or PM me, if I know anything about the area I'd be happy to help in any way I can. Joining the NCT might also be the way to go - I'm not a member myself but they seem fairly active in Swansea, regular Nearly New Sales and stuff.

jojo50 Sat 17-Mar-12 10:25:22

Anyone looking for mother toddler group for baby or toddler try Llangyfelach group. Meets every Tuesday and Friday 9.30am to 11.30am SCHOOL TERM TIME.
Lots chatting,activities for kids, lots toys, messy time with crafts and of course noisy song time evert session.

GwenGotLost Mon 26-Mar-12 11:59:08

Hey there! I'm 22 weeks, due end of July, I live near central Swansea smile

I have a few friends who have kids already, but none in Swansea who is currently preggers; would love to make some friends who are in the same boat grin

How about that meet up? It's lovely weather so maybe a small stroll by the beach? Has anyone made a meet up thread yet? (haven't looked...)

Goodluckcharlielover Wed 11-Apr-12 17:30:24

How did the move go Dandy? Where did you end up?

Dandylioness107 Tue 01-May-12 12:23:37

I've moved down do Mumbles, finding it a struggle to be honest with not knowing anyone and turned into a total recluse and lost my confidence with talking to new people which I never expected to happen! I'm not working so really not met anyone and have no socialising during the day. I would be happy to come into Swansea for a coffee or beach stroll or something if anyone is up for it or knows anywhere good to go?
I'm not around til 14th May (I'm going home for a bit as so homesick already!) but thought I should get the ball rolling.

LingDiLong Tue 01-May-12 22:42:34

Oh Mumbles is lovely! Have you tried joining the NCT, Mumbles must be prime NCT territory.

I'd be happy to come along to a meet up if one can be organised. Don't lose heart though Dandy, you've not been there long so I'm sure you'll meet some people soon. What are your interests? Maybe one of us can point you in the direction of a relevant group or activity.

Dandylioness107 Wed 02-May-12 17:57:59

I've been umming and ahhing about joining as I heard you don't need to be a member to go to meets so not sure if it is worth the cost? They do a bumps and babies group in Sketty which is open to all but still working up courage lol. Are you a member?
I am going to the yoga class in Mumbles (second go tonight). I have a dog so keep trying to chat to other dog owners but I reckon they are intimidated by my staffy X (he's the softest dog in the world)!
I'm also trying to sort out some volunteering and had a response today so feeling more positive now.

LingDiLong Wed 02-May-12 20:06:56

Ah right, I didn't realise you don't have to be a member to go to groups. I'm not myself but I think it's a good way to meet other prospective mums.

I'm glad you're feeling a bit more positive. You'll find it a lot easier to make friends once the baby comes along (although I'm sure that feels like a lifetime away at the moment!), a cute baby is a real ice breaker and there are loads of mother and baby groups to choose from.

sillyily Sun 06-May-12 19:17:36

Hi, have a look on Facebook for Swansea yummy mummies (or something similar to that) it was called Swansea parents that lunch but think theyve just changed their name. Loads of weekly meets are arranged there- it's fab! Would post link but I'm on my phone and not that clever grin xxx

Bearhugs43 Tue 29-May-12 14:22:08

Hi all

Just to let you know about Bumps and Babies in Sketty. Every monday in bethel UR church, Sketty road SA2 9AS between 9.30-11.30 (term time only)

Specifically for pregnant mums and babies under 12mths we are very friendly and a mine of all local info as well as local maternity services.

We just ask for £1 and that includes hot drinks and biscuits smile look us up on Facebook - NCT Bumps and Babies (Swansea)

PS there is a group same time same place on a Friday for the under 5s too

Bearhugs43 Tue 29-May-12 14:24:02

And no you don't have to be a member (should read thread properly)

If you are though, don't forget you grt early entry the next Nearly New Sale - bishop gore school sun 1st July from 10.30am (10.15 for members wink)

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