any swansea mums with 1 year olds?

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ettaandrews Fri 03-Sep-10 16:07:23

Hey I'm a 27 year old mum from Swansea and my little boy is 1, I was hoping to make some new mum friends with baby's around the same age as Ethan, anyone fancy meeting up in brinmill park?? I can't be the only one that's getting sick of waybuloo and in the night garden ;)

Octoberx Sun 13-Nov-11 12:36:18

Heloo, I've only lived in Swansea for about 3 months but lived in brynmill for a few weeks :D, i have a little girl shes 22 months, don't know anybody in Swansea so it would be nice to meet up with somebody with a child around my daughters age smile Xx

Billster Wed 16-Nov-11 21:35:02

Hi both, a nice way to hook up may be to arrange to meet each other at a toddler group in Brynmill. Not sure if the info is still current but there used to be a group at the Brynmill Community Centre on a Wed & Fri 10.00-12.00. You could head there, give them lunch and if weather nice go for a walk around the park whilst they nap in their buggies!

There are loads of playgroups in Swansea- if you call the council they should have a list as I think they all have to register.

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