Playdates etc, in Sutton Area, girl of 2.5 and stepdaughter of 4.5

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dcoppack Wed 01-Apr-09 21:43:05


Anyone up for coffee's, playdates (awful name) and the like, I live in Sutton but from up North, any down to earth mummies with brains out there?

giantkatestacks Thu 14-May-09 11:23:08

ooh I missed this sorry - am around if you want to meet up for coffee/in Manor Park - cant promise brains though (or even brians as I first typed).

missmuddle Sun 17-May-09 20:52:26

same as giantkatestacks if your still looking

dcoppack Mon 29-Jun-09 16:23:47

I have just read this, Mumsnet lost it from my threads list. I am very much still up for meeting. If you want to email me direct, I run Hippy Happy Nappy which you can find on Google and my email address is there.

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